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This is where I will list all the new updates so that it is easy to find any new photos that have been added complete with links (saves searching)
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6th of May 2011

Photos added of Manor Road Cemetery in Scarborough

5th of May 2011

Photos added of Derby Cathedral in the Cathedral section

Unfortunately the photos aren't really up to standard, I may go back one day for better ones but its not really in the best location photowise

4th of May 2011

Photos added of St. Marys in Derby in the Churches & Church Yard section

2nd of May 2011

Photos added of St. Mildreds in Canterbury in the Churches & Church Yard section

This is the oldest church within the city walls of Canterbury

29h of April 2011

Photos added of Canterbury castle in the Castle section

19h of April 2011

Photos added of Ashby-de-la-Zouch castle in the Castle section

16th of April 2011

A few photos added of Stonehenge in the Henges section

15th of April 2011

Photos added of Greenbank Cemetery in Bristol. This is a fairly large update

11th of April 2011

Photos added of the standing stones in  Avebury in the Henges section

10th of April 2011
(Second Update)

Photos added of a few trees at Avebury in the Natural Wonders section 1 2 3

10th of April 2011

Photos added of St. James in Avebury in the Churches & Church Yard section

9th of April 2011

Photos added of Horfield Parish Church (Bristol) in the Churches & Church Yard section

6th of June 2009

Photos added of Calke Abbey in the Halls and Manors section (as it's not actually an abbey and photos also added of St. Giles parish church which is in the grounds of Calke Abbey

12th of February 2009

Photos added of Chesterfields famous church with the "Crooked Spire" (St. Mary's & All Saints)

4th of August 2008

And now for something a little different, I've added quite a number of photos of the sites very first windmill in the Other Structures section, this is  Windmill Hill Windmill plus i've added the Windmill Hill Windmill Trust website to my Links Page, (please help finish the restoration of this windmill)

3rd of August 2008

Hot on the tail of yesterdays Doncaster Minster, I've now added photos of Wimborne Minster

2nd of August 2008

It's about time I added another Minster to the site so I've added photos of Doncaster Minster

12th of June 2008

Two new sites added to my Links Page, one for 'Dark Elegance Designs' & and one for 'LunarraStar Jewellery'

(Proper updates will start again soon)

25th of February 2008

Photos added of St. Michaels in Brough This church is just across from Brough Castle and has a few nice headstones

23rd of February 2008

Photos added of Kirkby Stephen - Parish Church I wasn't going to add these photos but i wanted to show something that really annoys me about some churchyards and this is a prime example (please read the text at the top of the churches main page for my explanation

22nd of February 2008

I added photos of Brougham Castle a few days ago so today we have photos of Brougham Hall

21st of February 2008

Following on from yesterday, here are the internal photos of Canterbury Cathedral

20th of February 2008

As promised, external photos added of the stunning Canterbury Cathedral I will add the internal photos as soon as possible

19th of February 2008

I'd love to say that todays update is of a fantastic Cathedral... unfortunately it would only be half right, it is a cathedral but it's not a fantastic one! It's just interior photos of Sheffield Cathedral (my home City) I still have to go back and replace all the very poor exterior shots that I added back in 2003 but it's not a place I like so I've been putting it off. I'm not really bothered about any of the interior photos either except pics 015, 020 & 022 I felt awkward taking the shots and rushed them so I could get out (read the text at the top of the page to see why)

I'm going to add Canterbury Cathedral next to make up for this one

18th of February 2008

Just a single photo today while I get some Cathedral photos ready for tomorrow. This picture is for Pamela who was the person who came up with the name for this website for me, I know how much she loves Thistles so I've dug out an old photo of one to add to the Natural Wonders Section.

15th of February 2008

Photos added of Mackworth Castle - I've created a new section for this one called Other Structures because this isn't actually a castle, it isn't a manor, hall or folly either, so a new section was needed.

I've removed the 'Various Photos section' to make room for it and put the pictures that were in it in other sections - The Pollock House scene photo is now in the Nature section and St. Marks Church is now in a new churches sub section for various churches that I only have 1 or 2 photos of.

14th of February 2008

Photos added of St. Lukes Church in Shireoaks - I went to this church for one reason, one of the gravestones quotes a death date of the 30th of February 1955, a date that never existed, this is another of those curiosities that I love to find

I'll try to make the next update an Abbey or a Castle and get away from village churches for a while

13th of February 2008

Photos added of St. Marys Church in Bolton-on-Swale - I hunted this church out for one reason, one of the "Residents" is said to have lived to the ripe old age of 169 so I just had to get photos of the monument for curiosities sake!

12th of February 2008

Photos added of St. Giles Church in Bowes - Not my usual kind of church but one of the grave markers interested my so i thought I've add the church too while I was at it.

I've deleted the 'Natural Wonders' button because I didn't feel that it fitted in with the look of the main page, so I've put the link to the section with the rest of buttons and created a new section for Henges & Stone Circles etc... I won't use this section very often and it will be closely linked with the Natural Wonders section. Just to start it off I've added a few photos of Mayburgh Henge in Cumbria

11th of February 2008

A Castle at long last, We start with photos of Brougham Castle

10th of February 2008

Slight change of plan, the castles have been held back a day or two while I do some simpler updates to other sections starting with three locations in the Monuments and Follys section, these are all in Edinburgh and are The Scott Monument, Nelsons Monument & The National Monument (which is often referred to as a folly)

I've also created a new guestbook that matches the site a bit better, and I've transferred the old messages across.

8th of February 2008

Just before I start with the castles etc... I thought I'd just start off the Natural Wonders section as promised. This is just a quick selection of photos thrown together just to get the section started, some old and some new, I'll do more to this section later but next I'm going to add a couple of castles.

7th of February 2008

Continuing with the revamp, I've been through the universities, cemeteries & churches sections and changed the backgrounds, I've not thinned any photos out yet because I got bored of doing it but I'll cut some out at a later date.

This is all the sections brought into line, so now I can start going through all my photos and actually start adding some new stuff at long last! the site is well overdue some new content!

Contact E-mail address also changed to the more suitable - john@decadence.me.uk

6th of February 2008

Continuing with the revamp, I've been through the castles, cathedrals, monuments & follys, various, minsters and manors & halls sections and changed the backgrounds and cut out a few photos.

I've also added a couple of new buttons that were missing from the site and slightly re-organised some of the sections

5th of February 2008

After a long time away, I'm back to revamp and update the site.

I've started with making all the main pages black instead of grey, I wanted to get away from black when I first created the site but I grew bored of it being grey so black it is! This has also meant creating new headers and buttons and a new opening picture for the site (still Eilean Donan castle but a better picture)

Before I start adding my backlog of photos I'm going to go through all the sections and remove any photos I feel surplus to requirements so it may take some time. I've started with the Abbey section and changed the backgrounds and cut out a few photos.

I've also added a button to the index page for a new sub-section on nature 'Natural Wonders' but I'm not making the button 'live' until I've done the rest of the tidy up, plus I'm not to sure I like the button or the name yet so they may change

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