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16th of August 2006

I've removed the Churches - St. Johns, Ranmoor, Sheffield (when I get better photos I'll add the church again) and St. Maries, Sheffield (this was only added when the site was new as a filler, it's in such a bad location for decent photos)

To make up for deleting two churches, I've added two different ones, St Marys at Handsworth in Sheffield and St. Lawrence in Eyam

15th of August 2006

It's been a long time since I touched this site, I'm going to slowly start on it again but I will be thinning out a lot of the pages and removing some locations because I don't like the photos! a lot of the churches from now on may only have 1 or 2 photos.

I'm going to make it more of a photography site than a location site so it means thinning out the rubbish

20th of September 2005

Eilean Donan section updated again with photos taken on the 8th and 15th of September 2005 including some infrared photos and some night photos which I'm really pleased with. The photos from the previous 2 dates have been cut down and simplified to cut down on the number of similar photos

1st of September 2005

22 Extra photos added of my favourite castle Eilean Donan, these were taken last year (23rd of September 2004)


20 Extra photos added of Urquhart Castle, these were taken last year (19th of September 2004)

31st of August 2005

Slight reorganising of the sections:

i) The Abbeys Section will include Priories, Friarys and Chapels
ii) New section added for Monuments and Follys (to take them out of the Various section)
iii) New section added for Manor houses and Halls (to take them out of the Various section) only a few places will appear in this section because I'm not a fan of manor house architecture as a rule.

19th of August 2005

Photos added of Brough Castle

18th of August 2005

Photos added of Bowes Castle, Penrith Castle and Ravensworth Castle

17th of August 2005

I'm going to concentrate on the Castle section for now so that I'm more organised with the updates.

So here is Pendragon Castle to start with, I really liked this place even though it is just a small ruin, It also has a nice little legend with it too :)

11th of August 2005

I'm getting shocking at updating this thing! I've got loads of stuff waiting to be added (Click here for full list of future updates)

I'll start with Cemetery Road Cemetery in Barnsley. quite a few Angels but not much else of interest from a photography point of view

18th of April 2005

Photos added of the tiny church which is attached to an old farmhouse (which once became a pub and it now a private residence) Dale Abbey All Saints

Photos also added to the Abbey section of the ruins of Dale Abbey

13th of April 2005

It's been a long time since I updated in here, this has been due to long term illness :( I hope to continue to update the site from now on

I'll start with pictures of Craignethan Castle

I also said back in August that I had removed the "decadent women" section, well it has been revived and I will start to populate it this year.

31st of August 2004

I've decided that decadent women section of the site is never going to take off so I've removed the pages!

2nd of August 2004

Photos added of the Royal Holloway University of London

31st of July 2004

Photos added of Winchester Cathedral

I've also decided to rate a few places for their friendliness towards photographers after a bad experience with Winchester, I've rated Glasgow Cathedral and Beverley and Southwell Minsters and Glasgow University

22nd of June 2004

Photos added of Southwell Minster - this almost surpassed the largest number of pictures I've added to a section! even nearly beating the Sheffield General Cemetery section!

I've split the photos up for ease - there are external and internal shots, internal shots of the chapter house, gravestone shots and I've included the Bishops Palace too.

I've also added a little more written information about quite a few of the photos than I have before and I may do this more often from now on.

18th of June 2004

it's about time I added some castles so here is the first of two.

Photos added of Peveril Castle in Castleton

16th of June 2004

Photos added of St Peters' Church in Hope

15th of June 2004

Photos added of St Edmunds' Church in Castleton

14th of June 2004

It's been a long wait but I have finally got something to put in the Minster section!

Photos added of Beverley Minster - this is the largest number of pictures I've added to a section other than the Sheffield General Cemetery section!

12th of June 2004

Photos added of St Marys' Church in Beverley

11th of June 2004

Last Photos from my Leicester trip added, this time it's of All Saints Church in Newtown Linford on the entrance to Bradgate park

9th of June 2004

Photos added of Leicester Cathedral (St. Martins)


Photos also added in the Various section of Bradgate House in Bradgate Park, Leicester

5th of June 2004

Photos added of the "Old John Tower" in Bradgate Park, Leicester in the Various Photos Section which has also been slightly re-organised

4th of June 2004

After a trip to Leicester this is the first photo update from there, Photos added of St Mary de Castros' Church

----- Guestbook added (very basic but it does the job) -----

New link added to Links page for Penelopes' Loom a photography site

28th of May 2004

Photos added of the circa 12th century Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire, it's mainly the remains of the later built country manor house that is left but there are a few hints of it's original use.

9th of April 2004

New Various Photos Section started with three photos added of Pollock House in Glasgow and one of St Marks Church in Sheffield. click the thumbnail to go to various photos section

8th of April 2004

New Abbeys section finally started with photos added of Beauchief Abbey in Sheffield, not the most impressive of buildings but worthy of inclusion here

8th of February 2004

At long last a proper update! New church added, this time it's the All Saints' church in Laughton~en~le~Morthen near Sheffield

27th of January 2004

Just a little note: I haven't updated with any new stuff recently because I'm waiting for a new lens to be delivered before I get out there and start taking photos, please bear with me and hopefully February will be a better month for updates.

7th of January 2004

Two more photos added of Sheffield General Cemetery - these are modified pictures of current pictures but these are a taste of what is to come with future photo sets!

click the thumbnails to see full size

28th of December 2003

Technical information section slightly updated

26th of November 2003

Photos added of Wardsend Cemetery - Sheffield

24th of November 2003

Photos added of Tinsley Park Cemetery - Sheffield mainly to show the great Gothic style double chapel

18th of November 2003

More photos added of Sheffield General Cemetery the plan was to add just 5 missing pictures but it ended up being a bit more complex than that, there are $$$$ new pictures which include a picture of the nonconformist chapel, a couple more of the catacombs, George Bassett's grave (him of Bertie Bassett liquorice fame), a few more graves and a few of the Gatehouse that were took on the 16th when it reopened. This has meant a little bit of renumbering too!!

New pictures are 22, 26-28 and 48-61
replacement or extra pictures added to 5, 8, 9, 10 & 12

15th of November 2003

Churches section open

Photos added of St John's Church in Ranmoor, Sheffield

Photos added of St Marie's Catholic Cathedral Church in Sheffield

12th of November 2003

Photos added of Sheffield General Cemetery - (this is a large section)

I still need to take a few more photos of a few things hence the few blank pages, this will be sorted out shortly

10th of November 2003

Photos added of Sheffield Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

Graveyard section renamed "Cemeteries"

8th of November 2003

Extra written information added to one of the Kintail burial ground pictures, also copyright notices added to all Kintal photos (I missed them out!)

16:55GMT - 2 more pictures added to Stirling castle - twenty one & twenty two

7th of November 2003

Site uploaded - now I must get out and take loads of photos so that the site doesn't look so bare!!

5th-6th of November 2003

Photos added!!!

4th of November 2003

All pages that are possible to build have been finished and all that's needed now is to add some photos!

3rd of November 2003

Basic bones of the main index page created

1st of November 2003

Main static opening page uploaded

31st of October 2003

www.decadence.me.uk name registered

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