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Here are my photographs of Sheffield Cathedral (St. Peters and Pauls) Even though this is my home city Cathedral, I have to regrettably admit that it is also one of my least favourites! I like the original church parts to the place but there are too many "add on" bits that ruin what is actually a beautiful 'church' underneath. The parts that were added in 1966 are the worse bits, it's like a model kit gone badly wrong. I personally think that there are some better looking and more impressive churches in Sheffield. I've spoken to a number of people from Sheffield about what they think of it and everyone has said virtually the same thing without any prompting so it's not just me.

In 2007 yet more "Bolt-on" bits were added to make it even uglier (photos soon)

I would only give this cathedral 1 star for friendliness towards photographers. On walking through the doors I got the feeling I was been closely watched (I was) I asked about taking photos inside and was told bluntly that it wasn't allowed for copyright reasons! this annoyed me because you can walk into really grand cathedrals like Lincoln or Canterbury for free or by buying a photography permit for a couple of pounds and you can take all the photos you want, but Sheffield which is nothing really special, won't let you take any at all! I had to find a contact email and email the people in charge of publicity and ask why Sheffield was so special? I was then allowed to take photos inside but I had to promise that they weren't for commercial use and I had to meet someone at a particular time at the cathedral before I was allowed to start! I found this all rather bizzare. I will say that when I was met, they were very helpfull and made me feel welcome but as soon as I was left on my own to take the photos the man on the door who had a knack of making you feel guilty was watching me like a hawk all the time again, I have no idea what he thought I was going to do! perhaps he remembered me asking about photos and him refusing so he was put out that  i'd gone over his head and got permission from a higher authority?

The external pictures were taken on the 9th of November 2003 and the internal shots were eventually taken on the 21st of July 2004
(I will get some better external shots in 2008 now that the latest work has been finished)

There is a statue of the poet James Montgomery in the grounds (pic 21), this originally had a very prominent position in the Sheffield General cemetery

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