W H O   T H E   H E L L   A M   I?

Do you really want to know more about me? You must be bored!

My name is John Webster and I live in the City of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

I'm a Goth by nature in both music and dress sense so yes I wear a lot of black! but  I'm also into Steampunk/Neo Victorian

I've been interested in photography ever since high school but I began to lose all interest in 1989-90 when I started doing wedding photography for friends, It then became a job with a lot of stress involved so I stopped taking weddings and soon after I lost interest all together. After almost 9 years away I decided to start a website to catalogue my Dragon fantasy figure collections which would need 1000's of photo's and the only economic way to do this was to buy a digital compact camera, and that's where it all began, my love of photography was rekindled but I soon found myself restricted by the lack of functions on the digital compact so I waited until the technology improved and I bought myself a new Nikon Semi-Pro Digital SLR so that I could still use all my old 35mm SLR lenses

I have a live journal where I talk more about my life but if you want to know what name I go by on LJ you will have to contact me because a lot of it is private and I don't let just anyone read it

One thing I must stress is that I am in no way a religious person, in fact far from it! I have no religious connections what-so-ever, some people say I have pagan traits in me, maybe so, but I'm not a pagan, I'm more comfortable in the company of pagans but I'm not one myself, I just have some of the same ideals and I tend to be more comfortable with nature. And no! no matter what you've heard, Gothic folk are NOT Satanists or devil worshipers (the Devil is a Christian belief thank you very much). I take photos of Churches and Cathedrals etc... because I have a love of the architecture and the work involved in such structures and that's it! I don't take kindly to people pushing their religious beliefs on me! believe what you want (I honestly don't mind at all) but please don't expect to convert me to your way of thinking, so if you plan to contact me, make sure it's connected to the site or photography in some way and not about pushing your religion, you have your beliefs and I have mine, lets leave it that way and then no one will get insulted


C  R  E  D  I  T  S

I couldn't have done this site without the support of a few people; firstly my family who have always been behind me no matter what I do.

Many thanks must also go to my friend, Pamela Peffer who came up with the name for the website when I couldn't think of anything.

To everyone on livejournal who have been fully supportive, you know who you are!

Nikon for making such fine cameras :o)


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