Mackworth Castle

You're probably wondering why this isn't in the castles section... well I've debated for a long time over this one, and after a lot of thought I've decided to put it here instead. The reason why... after a bit of research it actually turns out that there never was a Mackworth Castle, the structure is actually just a castellated gatehouse, apparently the De Mackworth family were going to build a hall and this was to be part of a lodge/gatehouse but the family aquired some land elsewhere to build the hall and dropped plans to build it here, there also other stories that there was a manor house/hall on the site and this is all that remains, other tales tell of a castle being destroyed in the civil war by the roundheads... you can ignore that story though.
Firstly I was going to put it in the Castle section, then the Halls and Manor section and then the Folly section but in the end I think it's best that I put it in this Other Structures section and play safe.

The pictures were taken on the 19th of May 2007


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