C  A  L  K  E     A  B  B  E  Y

Here are my photographs of Calke Abbey in Derbyshire. If you are wondering why it's not in the Abbey section, it is because it's not actually an abbey, it is built on the site of an old Augustinian priory but the building is actually just a large country house built between 1701 & 1704, it didn't receive the name Abbey until 1808. It is well worth a visit because unlike most stately homes/manors etc... this one is being preserved in the declined state it was left in to show how such large houses went from grand places but fell into decay. The place is much more interesting for this reason, plus there are some great tunnels and the servants area is worth the visit alone.
The pictures were taken on the 2nd of June 2009

No photos are allowed inside the house unfortunately but all the staff are very friendly

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