K I R K B Y    S T E P H E N
P A R I S H    C H U R C H

Here are my photographs of the parish church in Kirkby Stephen. I would normally refuse to put pictures up of this church because they have done something to the churchyard that disgusts me! But I just had to show it on here to display what I mean! There is one thing that really annoys me and it's when parish councils take the decision to remove all the gravestones from the churchyard and grass it over, they then put all the gravestones leaning against the walls (some even use them as paving stones which is even more disrepectful), this makes the churches lose all there character. They say they do this for "health and safety reasons", because they are unsafe and to stop them falling over and injuring someone! What they are really saying is that they don't want to spend any money, it's cheaper to remove the headstones than it is to reset them and make them safe! it's a practice that really annoys me and i feel that it's disrespectful to the people and the families of the people who are buried there! This church has gone one step further though, they have put a cheap looking tarmac path in and they didn't even lift the headstones while laying it, they just left them there and lay the tarmac around them! a total disgrace in my eyes (see pic 12 +1).
The pictures were taken on the 13th of August 2005

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