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Here are my photographs of the windmill at Windmill Hill in Sussex  I know it's not a gothic or medieval structure but I like windmills and this one is in my cousins front garden which gave me a great opportunity to get some photos of something different. The mill stands 48 feet tall making it the tallest in Sussex and the second tallest in the UK. It was built around 1814 but had it's sweeps removed in 1894 when it was converted to steam power until its closure around 1913.

In 1993 Paul (my Cousin) & Bee Frost bought the windmill with plans to restore it and they set up the Windmill Hill Windmill Trust in 1996. Then in 1999 with funding from the English Heritage and a couple of local councils  they were able to erect a roofed scaffolding to protect it and allow surveys to be carried out, it was discovered that more work than expected was required but in late 2001 they were awarded 577,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the 770,000 that was required.

The structure had everything carefully numbered and was then taken apart and sent to the millwrights for professional restoration. In 2004 it was all reassembled on site and in late 2005 brand new sweeps were attached and also added was a piece of turning equipment that detects wind speed and direction and automatically turns the whole upper body of the mill, saving having to do it by hand

More money is still required to get the windmill in fully working order (250,000 at the time of writing this) but hopefully one day it will produce flour once more.

The windmill is open to the public on certain weekends, please visit their site to see a list of open days. (click logo at bottom of the screen)

The external photographs were taken on the 25th of July 2008 and the internal ones on the 27th of July 2008.

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External Photographs

Pic 01

Pic 02 (+1)

Pic 03 (+2)

Pic 04

Pic 05

Pic 06 (+1)

Pic 07 (+1)

Pic 08

Pic 09

Pic 10

Pic 11 (+1)

Pic 12 (+1)


Pic 13

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Pic 15

Pic 16






Internal Photographs

Level 1




Pic 001

Pic 002

Pic 003

Pic 004






Level 2




Pic 005

Pic 006

Pic 007

Pic 008






Level 3



Pic 009

Pic 010

Pic 011

Pic 012

Pic 013

Pic 014



Level 4



Pic 015

Pic 016

Pic 017

Pic 018

Pic 019

Pic 020


Pic 021

Pic 022

Pic 023

Pic 024




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