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Here are my photographs of Doncaster Minster. It only received Minster status in 2004 before that it was just the parish church of St. Georges. Doncaster has been trying for years to be re-classified as a City instead of a Town but it's just not big enough in my opinion and should remain a town, but I will say that the church when compared to the awful looking Cathedral in my home city of Sheffield deserves a Minster title instead of just a church because it is far more impressive externally, though it does lack something when compared to York, Beverley or even Southwell Minsters (but then again so does Sheffield Cathedral)
There has been a church on this site since 1061 but the current building was actually only built between 1854 & 1858 because the previous church on the site was completely destroyed by fire in February 1853
The photographs were taken on the 14th of March 2008.

I would give this location 4 stars in friendliness towards photographers, you aren't asked to pay a small amount for a photography permit but a small donation would be a nice gesture to make as I was made to feel very welcome.

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External Photographs

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Internal Photographs



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