O L D   J O H N S   T O W E R
L  E  I  C  E  S  T  E  R

Here are my photographs of the "Old John Tower" that is situated in the grounds of (and overlooking) Bradgate Park in Leicester
It was built in 1784 as a folly, it has two rooms and can be seen for miles around, it has the look of a 'mug' when viewed from a distance. The Tower was built by the Grey family of Groby, who by the 18th Century had the title of Earl of Stamford. The story goes that the tower came by its name thus: A windmill had previously stood on the hill, and the miller was known as Old John. At the coming of age of George-Harry, the 6th Earl of Stamford, in 1786, a huge bonfire was lit in Bradgate Park for all the Newtown Linford villagers and park residents to celebrate. A great pole that was set up in the middle of the fire toppled over, killing Old John. The new folly was named in his memory - Information taken from

The pictures were taken on the 31st of May 2004

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