N A T I O N A L   M O N U M E N T
E  D  I  N  B  U  R  G  H

Here is my photograph of the Scottish National Monument in Edinburgh. it was designed by C R Cockerell & William Playfair and was built as a Memorial to those who died during the Napoleonic wars.
Constuction started in 1824 but the last work wasn't completed in 1929, Some say it is only half finished as it is based on the Parthenon in Athens, and that they ran out of money, others say that it was only ever intented to have 12 coloumns because the original drawings only show the 12 columns that we see today, suggesting that Cockerell & Playfair actually intended the unfinished look.

The photograph was taken on the 7th of May 2005

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